Character Basics – an overview of the character system in Star Trek: Online, covering the basics of your captain, bridge officers and ship, and explaining several of the less obvious or harder to understand aspects.

Skills: The Numbers – builds on the overview of the STO skills system given in Character Basics, explaining how the skills system works, the numbers behind it, and discussing the implications when it comes to spending your hard-earned skill points.

Starship Weapons Overview – a look at the various weapon types available in Star Trek: Online and how they function, including details of how damage bonuses from skill-based stats are calculated.

Starship Mechanics – a look at how various aspects of starship performance appear to be calculated, including details of the effects of the ‘Captain’ skills on speed, turn rate and hull strength.

Ship Power Levels – results from testing the effects of different power levels for all four main subsystems (weapons, shields, engines and auxiliary), along with some preliminary conclusions.

Weapon Ranges – results from testing the effects of range on different weapon systems, and some preliminary conclusions.

More articles and guides coming soon – keep an eye on the home page for announcements.

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  1. DoctorKajita says:

    Excellent resource, thank you!!!

  2. Crichten says:

    I worship thee from afar

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  4. Excellent resource, thank you!!!

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