Tribble on the horizon

Today’s patch apparently set the stage for the new public test server, Tribble, which is great news for anyone interested in testing new patches before they’re released to the live server, Holodeck.

The ability to copy characters from Holodeck to Tribble should also make it a lot easier to test certain things that I’ve been working on, such as the actual effects of the various ‘Captain’ skills on ship speed, turn rate and hull strength. In fact, I’ve reached the point where I’d decided to wait for the test server before continuing.

So, sorry it’s been a bit quiet here for the last couple of days, but I’ve been busy levelling a test character, ready for when Tribble becomes available.


4 Responses to Tribble on the horizon

  1. Trixy says:

    Speaking of Tribbles, you think you’ll get around to explaining the different Tribbles and how to breed them? I have seen may table and graphs but there all so confusing.

    • BigBadB says:

      Not a bad idea – it’s something I’ve been meaning to mess around with, anyway. I’m working on an article about ships and the captain skills at the moment, but I’ll add tribble breeding to the list.

  2. Jacoben says:

    There is a GREAT post on the STO forums stikied with a flowchart showing what food to feed to what Tribble to get the ones you want.

    I cant link it from work where I am now but look for a sticky on either the Academy section or in General STO discussion.

  3. Trixy says:

    Hey Jacoben, I have seen the charts and table but don’t understand them. There is a nice color flow chart of them but I still can’t get them to breed, even in a controlled enviornment.

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