No stopping the Teams

The servers have just gone down for today’s maintenance and a new patch featuring several bug fixes and UI improvements.

Perhaps the most significant change, especially for PvP, is that the various ‘Team’ space abilities can now be activated when a ship is under the influence of a ‘Hold’ effect – which means that you should be able to use Science Team to free yourself from the dreaded purple cloud of Viral Matrix, rather than having to apply it in advance or rely on an ally to break you loose.

This has obvious consequences for PvP, where Viral Matrix was becoming increasingly common, but should also help out solo players fighting Romulan D’deridex battleships and other opponents that make use of the ability.

You can read the full release notes on the official site.


2 Responses to No stopping the Teams

  1. nitro says:


    “Sulu is now a remote contact once the player is level 2.”

    Damn… now we won’t have “Where is” spam anymore 😦

  2. Wesley says:

    They can still hit you with the blatantly overpowered SNB and then wipe you with VM.

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