Blog of the week!

I’m rather pleased to say that The Engines Cannae’ Take It! has been named one of the ‘Blogs of the Week’ in the latest episode of the Shut Up. We’re Talking podcast over at

I’d like to thank them for their kind words – the relevant section starts at around 1:08:30 in episode #58.


5 Responses to Blog of the week!

  1. TheLensman says:

    Top stuff, well deserved 🙂

  2. Blue Kae says:

    It was completely deserved, hopefully it’ll help more STO players find the blog. You’re doing some really good detailed articles, keep up the great work.

  3. IIntrude says:

    Grats man! Well deserved,

  4. Galo says:

    Gratz, well deserved as well with the value of the analysis you do. Cheers!

  5. Marc says:

    Well done, this is a spectacular blog. Your information is outstanding.

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