Skills: The Numbers

The skills system is one of the most important aspects of Star Trek: Online, affecting how well your characters perform at almost everything they do, and intrinsically tied to their progression through the ranks and grades. Unfortunately, it’s also rather poorly explained, which leads to much confusion among new players and beta veterans alike.

Following on from the general overview of the STO skills system given in Character Basics, the new Skills: The Numbers article takes a closer look at how skills work, the numbers involved, and some of their implications for deciding where to spend your hard-earned skill points.

Hope you find it helpful – as always, any feedback, comments, ideas or criticism are gratefully received.


One Response to Skills: The Numbers

  1. Thaelen says:

    Awesome work. We’re linking to your site from our meta-game site, B2theBurg Gamers. Keep up the good work!

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