Ship Power Levels updated

Just a couple of minor updates:

Got my hands on the Tier 2 Escort in order to do some weapons testing and took the opportunity to check the effects of weapon power levels over 100, so have added a new section to the Ship Power Levels article with the results.

Also added a clarification to the turn rate discussion in the Auxiliary Power section regarding throttle levels.


6 Responses to Ship Power Levels updated

  1. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the info you have on this site. It’s great help!

  2. Eight of FortyTwo says:

    Great guide here, they should hire you to write the manual… I just thought I would add a bit of information I found out through testing today: For Power Levels over 100 there seems to be a hard limit of 125. With Weapon power set at 100, with bonuses my Heavy Cruiser runs at 108. Using Emergency Power to Weapons III which adds 34 weapon power for 30 sec it hits a hard cap of 125 and does not increase my tool tip dps any further than EPtW I which adds 21. (Now in actual battle situations the rank III power is still useful since one has to account for weapon power drain while firing.)

  3. Verkruk says:

    Might I make a request of you?

    If it is at all possible, I would like to know/find out just what powers affect your available ship power.
    How much they affect it by.
    And what selectable character traits affect ship power levels and by how much.

    I have been trying to do so myself, while I cannot find the numbers for the skills, I have come to believe that the traits selected at the beginning are not being applied.

    • BigBadB says:

      This is something I’m planning on looking into in greater detail, but my current understanding is that Starship Warp Core Training, the ‘Efficiency’ (T3) skills and the ‘Performance’ (T4-5) skills in the Starship Engineering group all affect power generation. Starship Warp Core Training and the Efficiency skills boost power output at low power settings (the lower the setting, the bigger the boost), while there appears to be some debate over whether the Performance skills give a flat bonus, or give a greater boost at high power settings.

      Bear in mind you’ll only see the effects of these skills in system space – your power levels in sector space won’t reflect their bonuses.

      • Verkruk says:

        The STO Wiki site actually has some great numbers on it. And it appears that each efficiency skill gives 10 energy to that system.

        But if you are right and the T5 skill also grant energy, than doesn’t that mean that SV and Escorts will end up with the best overall energy outputs as there is no energy boosting stat that a Cruiser Captain would pick?

      • Binkenstein says:

        I’ve already started work on how the skills affect power levels. Formulae for Performance & Warp Core are done, just need better data for

        See my posts here:

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