Ship Power Levels

While today’s server maintenance is going on, I managed to pull together various bits of paper scrawled with barely legible results from testing the effects of different power levels on your ship’s four main systems – weapons, shields, engines and auxiliary.

The result is a new article, Ship Power Levels, which tries to answer the question, ‘what do the power levels actually do?’ Hope you find it interesting and/or useful.

As always, feedback, comments, ideas and criticism are gratefully accepted.

2 Responses to Ship Power Levels

  1. Jacoben says:


    Ive been trying to understand how the power levels affect things and this gives me a base line. Looks like I need to boost my Aux in order to help out my Tac beam and other science abilites.

    Will be stickied on our guild/fleets website.

    Thank you!

  2. Beknatok says:

    Hey, found your blog via the STO forums. Wanted to say that these are fantastic write-ups, and I’ve been passing the URL to some of my friends who are STO newcomers. It’s been a great help for them. Thanks for the effort you’ve put into these articles!

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