Character Basics

The first The Engines Cannae Take It! article is now available.

Character Basics attempts to do what it says on the tin, providing an overview of the character system in Star Trek: Online, including your captain, bridge officers and ship, and explaining several of the less obvious or harder to understand aspects.

As with everything else here, the intention is for the article to grow and expand over time, so I’d be very interested in any feedback, comments, ideas or criticism. Please leave a comment, rate the article, or contact me via private message to BigBadB on the official STO forums.


4 Responses to Character Basics

  1. Steve says:

    This is a great guide! Thanks so much for putting it together for us!

  2. Scott Adams says:

    Many thanks I will be checking this site often!

  3. Andreva says:

    This was a great guide and I hope you do more of them.

  4. Hey I stumbled upon your blog from following a link on the STO forum that lead me somewhere to another link that lead me here where I found the character Guide you just wrote. That guide is pretty damn good!!!

    I’ve just started playing and couldn’t find any good guide info and that new guide is damn highly recommended for character basics getting started. I can only hope you do a few more on the other basics to playing as well.

    Awesome jib on the new site and the guide. Great Work!

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